“My dragon riders. Be strong and swift... Now TO BATTLE!”
   —Atara Dragonsoul to her Dragon Riders, War at the Dark Citadel
Biographical Information
Nationality Palanestinan
Age 782
Current Status Alive
Alignment Neutral
Physical Description
Gender Female
Race Elven/Dragonsoul
Height 5'9"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black/Blue
Other Information
Title/s Queen of Palanestina
Rank Queen

Calisto McCloudEdit

History~ Calisto was raised in clan of Red dragoness as a watcher, where she was stolen away by a man named Cictus to produce him a heir, when it failed, he released her into the wild where she chanced onto Enchantia and met Bluemage. They fell in love and married. After a year of marriage she became with child with Marcia. When Cictus learned of this, he was infaturated and kidnapped Calisto. Bluemage managed to rescue her and returned her to Enchantia. In that time Cictus continued to cause trouble for the couple and their family, after three years he managed to kidnap Calisto again but at this time she was pregnant with Markus Jr. The Bluemage was not to found as he was off on his own journey with another and Lady Tanya and Lady Jaid, two very close friends and family members came to Calisto's aid but Cictus was prepared, using Marcia against her own family, filling her with demonic energy and causing her to change into her adult form at the age of three, causing havoc within Enchantia and slowing down the rescue. Seeing this, and the pain her family was suffering. Calisto used her magic to defeat Cictus and ultimately gave her life. With her last breaths she ask Lady Tanya to take care of her two children and passed on.

Atara DragonsoulEdit

Atara is infact the name dragon soul that was placed within Calisto. Marcia, after reaching a level in conjurering with her magicial abilites took her mothers body to the Holy Mountain known as a dragons graveyard Vaslita. She had heard of many great dragons and dragoness that had come to rest here when they no longer felt the need to continue. Desperately wanting her mother returned to her, she called about the great spirits there to help her. Only one answered her call and fillfulled her wish. Marcia's mother is indeed not just one, but two entities of a joined soul. Memories given by Marcia of her mother Calisto, and the soul of Atara a mighty Platinum that had roam the lands even before man realized he was actually intelligent and could build things. Some even say she was about with the dino's but no one is brave enough to ask after the last man that did ended up in her belly.

  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: White

Race: Platinum Dragon

  • Height: 50ft
  • Weight: Unknown and you better not ask

Platinum DragonEdit

Platinum are known as dragons of light and magic, with calm souls and a affectionate like for other creatures, yet once their tempers are unleashed one should watch out. Planatiums are also the only known dragons that are raised, when raised around humans to become priest. They usually serve as ambassadors for many different races, as they have the ability to learn how to shift into different animals or humans but usually do not feel the need to do so. They are known for their patience and great abilities in magic. Planatium dragons do not have the ability to use fire breath, they instead create a cloud of gas that encircles their victim turning him to stone. Platinum Dragons ingest these stone statues in order to breathe this cloud again.

But over the years, Atara has made a few.. adjustments with the red dragon blood Calisto's body offered. She at times struggles between the minds of her own planatium and the red but usually over comes the younger red without much problem. Being of two dragons also explains the four wings

Family TreeEdit

Calisto McCloud
Markus Jr McCloud
Marcia McCloud
Celina McCloud