“Quote of David Here”
   —Captain David, Royal Captain of Palanestina
Biographical Information
Nationality Palanestinan
Age ???
Current Status Alive
Alignment ???
Physical Description
Gender Male
Race ???
Height ???
Hair Color ???
Eye Color ???
Other Information
Title/s ???
Rank ???

The BeginningEdit

Originally David began his Story in Palanestina as a common Alchemist and a traveler. as many do. His history one filled with the usual danger and grief. he was found as a small child. unable to speak and eye's that would shine without trust for anyone or anything. But as most of these stories go. one man, one feeble old man took him in. joining a traveling Caravan. the man was a brilliant alchemist. his name was Tion Everbright. A simple friendly human with a Half elf Apprentice.

Years went by and as David grew his memory of his home faded. Locked into the back of his mind. no longer was he from a demon slayer clan. he was an Alchemist. As it turned out however he was also a decent fighter. Frequent spars with the other boys proved him a fighter. Even so, it did not compare to what was approaching from his Past.

David had gone out hunting for some meat. it was Tion's birthday approaching. along with the Winter Dance. He had found it odd as he hunted though that not so much as a rabbit could be found. No animal so much as stirred. As darkness approached he turned back. As David approached the camp no music was playing. and the smell of overcooked meat hung on the air overwhelming a different smell. passing through the last of the brush onto the path leading into camp his eyes observed for the second time in his life a scene of slaughter. although he had forgotten his origins. Demon-kind had not.

David found Tion's body mangled off on the border of the camp... armed with a sword and clawed to death. the sword glinting with dark blood. In a rage David grabbed the weapon and tracked the bleeding Demon south. attacking it without plan in a blind berserk. twice all he cared for was taken. However he did not know upon touching the wounded demon. his bloodline would absorb the Demon and its abilities. granting him strength... speed... regeneration and a much greater ability with Magic. as most of his clan had done when they came of age. With the Demon gone, the caravan and Tion dead, and everything he cared for gone. he set off on his own again.

Arrival in a new landEdit

David had spent years traveling. brawling for coin and healing the afflicted with his alchemy. summed up, he came to Palanestina. and began to search for a purpose there, finding one in the Castle guard.

Promotion to CaptainEdit

David had spent a short time as a guard. showing fierce loyalty to the crown and a need to improve himself. when the chance to achieve a rank came. he jumped to it. put in command of a small unit and sent into the swamps to obtain a Chrystal. he found himself surrounded with Battles there. but Tactics seemed to come natural to him. he managed to obtain the Chrystal and get all of his men out alive. obtaining the Rank of Captain.

Captain David - The WarEdit

Captain David did not play a major part in the War against Trina. He did participate in the battles, holding his ground with his men and refusing to let the Demons through. His tactics barely holding out against the enemy. It wasn't until they conquered a fortress in the woods he made any real contribution - holding Trianna at the Fortress for several days before it fell to the might of her armies and in so doing letting the Castle prepare to march against her. when the Fortress fell he was captured and tortured within the walls of the Dark Citadel. Managing to escape after a very long time within its walls and returning to the guard.

Royal Captain David - TodayEdit

After being the only officer left in the service of her Majesty. he was Promoted to Royal Captain. Now he serves with unwavering loyalty and a deep love for her Majesty Queen Atara.