“Show them no Mercy... for you will receive none”
   —Linden Rathan, to his Lieutenants, before the Talorian War
Biographical Information
Nationality Palanestinan (formerly Northern Reaches)
Age 863
Current Status Alive
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Physical Description
Gender Male
Race DragonLord - a.k.a. Noble Weredragon
Height 7' 2"
Hair Color Auburn Red
Eye Color Tannish Hazel
Other Information
  • Champion of Palanestina
  • Grand General
  • General in charge of Allied Armed Forces
  • Dragon Knights CO
Rank General

Lord General Linden RathanEdit

Linden is a tall powerful man, slender by proportion to his height, but with broad shoulders and a powerful frame make him a figure to be behold in armor and an opponent to be reckoned with in a duel. He is loud spoken when heated but often quiet, loyal and proud.. His demeanor stems mostly from Rathan, his Dragonsoul, leaving him with a somewhat rebellious streak that mixes in with his loyalty and pride giving him, at times, a far-too-courageous-for-his-own-good type of attitude.


Linden Rathan hails from the Northern Reaches, he was considered the 'last' Dragonlord, being one of the last humans to undergo the Change in his time, he has since been followed by other younglings thereby canceling out his 'last' status. Linden was a Mercenary before First Change at 28, he then shed his human last name and took on the name of his Dragonsouled - Rathan.

He came to Palanestina during the Exodus from Enchantica in years past. Then a clan Talon recruit from Enchantica, he arrived under his then commander and recruiter, Marcia McCloud. Participating in daily life and events as a Soldier in service to the Kingdom. Linden received commission as a General during one of the wars that ravaged Palanestina, then rising to the rank of Grand General by the time of the Talorian war.

The Talorian WarEdit

Linden Rathan participated as a Major combatant, commanding General and tactician during the Talorian war. He summoned allies in the form of three other DragonLords from the Northern Reaches and an armada of Dragons, Flying Wyverns and the leviathan Duragonarch.


Due to the events of the Talorian War, Linden is no longer limited to two separate 'changes' but can manipulate the Cloud of Change to seemingly mutate himself into a dragon as needed - anything from his human state, to the renewed Rathan, who in his fully transformed state is a Leviathan, towering over the entire Kingdom in its defense as its largest defender.

General's ArmorEdit

“...They busted open the crates and inside them buried amidst cleaned fabric was the suit of armour… lined inside with a ring mail overcoat made of the ever abundant Airuzan mythril, it would cover him from chin to toe in the hardiest, nigh unbreakable metal the northern warrior nations could produce. It was overlapped in huge, wide covering plates of Plate Armor, it was gilded from the edges, gold and red enamel, the main metal was an alloy of Mythril and Bronze, giving it a very light white-bronze tinge, whilst making it strong yet light. On the huge shoulder plates, was engraved a single Wyvern in flight, it was his personal insignia, but it was embossed like a work of art across both shoulders. The whole suit was much like that, gilded and beautiful yet still practical… the chest plate, just above his left breast bore the personal insignia of the Queen ((whatever that is)), a mark of Love and Loyalty, on his cloak that hung from his neck down to his ankles was the emblazoned crest of Palanestina.

The helmet he took from the crates was a winged helm in his personal style, the wings weren’t short or long, just the right size, but the front framed his face with a single nose bar that ran down just past his nose… Linden spoke up as he began to don the armor...”

   —Linden's New Armor, as seen in the 'war continues'

Linden loves his armor and weaponry as a noblewoman loves fine jewels. Not to say he is obsessive (thought that is not far from the truth) but he desires to be well armed and well dressed in battle.


Rathan is the name of Linden's Dragonsoul. Asleep and dormant from the time of Linden's birth and formerly a savage red dragon before his long sleep, he awoke when Linden was 28 and caused their first change and affirmed the reconciliation of the two half-souls that made up Linden Rathan.

Rathan is a Red Dragon with crimson scales and two sets of wings (instead of the common one pair) he is somewhat rebellious, hot tempered, if somewhat lazy if nothing is happening.


Rathan in full Draconian form.

Rathan was originally just as proportioned to other dragons as Linden is to other humans. Originally over a hundred feet long, Rathan was huge, crimson scales would shine in the blistering sun made only hotter by the fire he could breathe. The recent Talorian war broke Rathan however - to survive, he was forced to fuse souls with an ascended elder Wyrm of a draconic arch-species known as the Duragonarch. Rathan's image is based on Valakas from Lineage II and for all intents and purposes Rathan in role play usually differs only slightly from the Valakas of Lineage II. The main differences are that Rathan is ten times larger than Valakas in scale, and slightly thicker and longer of body shape with wings adjusted to be slightly larger to compensate for that alteration. Aside from that, shape and body features role players will find are mostly the same.

A youtube Video of Valakas from the game Lineage II


Current StatusEdit


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