“What? I'm a Red.”
   —Marcia McCloud, Princess of Palanestina
Biographical Information
Nationality Palanestinan
Age ???
Current Status Alive
Alignment Good
Physical Description
Gender Female
Race D.A.E
Height 5'0
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Other Information
Title/s Ambassador
Rank Princess


My name is Marcia Kaylin McCloud, daughter of one Marcus McCloud known as the Bluemage and Calisto Devan of the Red dragoness of Yeond. I was borne within Enchantra, the home of the Bluemage. I was never in want of anything and my parents loved me deeply. It came to pass, that my mothers old enemy, Lord Cictus of Cravenitis returned to the land and found my mother with another, happy and with a child and expecting a second. And with his hatred caste down upon my home, he took my mother by force as she went to visit her homeland and pay her respects at her mothers grave. Bluemage did find her and returned her home to Enchantra but Lord Cictus would not be turned away. Continuously he plagued the halls of Enchantra and my lives of my family. Once again, he took my mother away as she exchanged herself for Lady Tanya's place. As Lady Tanya healed and prepared to go after Cictus, Lord Cictus did strike again and took away Lady Jaid, the lady whom I am under charge. The Bluemage was off to solve a problem with his path of the blue flames and could do not hing to help. In this, I was alone with Lady Tanya and others of the McCloud family to watch over me. The Lady Tanya allowed a trap and was captured by Lord Cictus as well. I feel into despair as I had not my mother or father to console me and knew not if they would ever return, and this is when the Lord Cictus struck yet again. Entering my young mind with promises of power and the ability to bring my mother and father back against be a family again. I clasped on to that hope and he did enter my soul, filling it was darkness and allowing me to age rapidly so he could control my darken powers and release the dragon spirit that laid dormant within me. I attacked my family members and home until Desdemona and the Lady Kaitrin did restrain me and Desdemona entered my mind, to free me from Cictus' grasp. During this time my mother did have her son, my younger brother Markus Jr but she hid this from Lord Cictus as he would have taken my brother away and killed him. Only several days would pass before Lord Cictus learned her my brother and came for him. My mother, used all of her strength to send my brother back to Enchantra to Lady Athena, then return the blue flames to Bluemage with her dying breath and erupted her aura throughout Lord Cictus' castle to destroy it. Lady Tanya did find my mother but too late to save her, she took her body and buried her. Lord Cictus.. escaped


A year went by in silent remorse. A sort of calm, as the Bluemage fell into his studies of his craft and company of his friends. I grew lonely and depressed. The darkness that had been awaken in me grew rapidly, only causing more tension between he and myself. I soon pulled away from him, saying I wanted nothing more to do with his as my father, and silently I took care of my younger brother. In this time, I met a young man or, what he called himself, android named.. well his name escapes me but he know goes by the name of Axle. For a time we were together as a couple, he even asked the Bluemage for his blessings. Bluemage did not approve of him. Myself and Axle drifted apart and as I left to study in colleges, I did not hear from him again until a year later. Our words were not pleasant to each other, but I think now we can speak to each other without the use of vulgarness.

End of youthEdit

Myself and Bluemage began to fight more, and I drifted away from him even more, going to Lady Tanya and Lord Cataylst Pain. After some time, I asked that she allow me to call her mother, she was more then happy to allow it. I did not call Lord Pain papa, as he was not. But I did turn to him for advice and support, which upset Bluemage even more so, as he did not like Lord Pain in the least. With Lord Pain, my darkness grew more so, consuming me. I cared not for anyone or anything else but my own needs and wants. My brother was all that mattered to me. I soon joined the House of Pain, already was I a member of the Blueroses. I'm not sure how that came to be still but I know t hat it has something to do with the blue flames within my blood. I believe the flame and the rose are bonded. I soon fell to a crush with Sir Argus Thrasher, and we began to speak in the way of courting, but upon my visit to Enchantra one day while returning from college studies, he did tell me that he wished for another, for one that would be there for him more often. I was crushed, and I left Enchantra to stay within the House of Pain. Myself and Argus speak still, he has changed very much so. I believe he is now a Kindred, but I can not be entirely sure of his story as I lost touch with him for some time. Another man entered my life as I was losing myself to depression, his name Darren DarkKnight. A month we were together until he was called off into battle, and I never saw him again. My remorse is that I never got to know him more, for he helped me through confusing times when even I did not understand my motives. I soon made myself into a recluse. Surfacing from the House of Pain only when my lungs begged for fresh air. I was no longer myself, I had turned to my darkness, wanting only to left alone. Upon visiting with Lady Tanya, and collecting the rest of mine and Markus' things from my fathers room. I met with a fae. Jessamine. She had become a member of the HOP. I saw her as pointless, and made my way back to the stronghold. Less and less others saw me, and one day I sat wi thin the Entrance of Enchantra and met a man named Xyzopaphat. So strange was he, yet he felt my soul, felt my pain. He understood how I felt and I found myself seeking him out more and more, returning to Enchantra regularly. I was contempt to be alone in my brooding and studies, until a woman appeared within the gate, her name the Lady Trina, her evilness over-powering my very aura that it made me chill to the bones. She cursed the McCloud and DuNord name, saying they had killed her only son and we would all pay. As she came to threaten the very life of my younger brother, I begged her to take me, and within me she placed a child of evil. One that would destroy me the moment it was born, and her terms where to leave my brother alone, only unless the child was allowed to be borne and my death assured. I agreed. During my pregnancy, I sought the guidance of my aunts and friends, meeting new people and a young girl named Thea, whom I soon adopted as a young sister. The day came, family came to my aid and ..Xyzopaphat. He took my soul within him as my body ws destroyed and the child birthed. Lord Angus McCloud and Sir Luminious Lightspirit, found me a new body (please do not ask me to explain as I don't even know what all happened that day) . In this time, my soul began to merge with Xyzopaphat as he tried to control the demons within him and we were linked together. And as he placed my soul into my new body, I had his emotions, felt his pain, heard his thoughts and he the same for me. I named the child Celina Calisto Daven.


Family TreeEdit

Calisto McCloud
Markus Jr McCloud
Marcia McCloud
Celina McCloud