“You tasted worst then you fought”
   —Markus Jr McCloud, Prince of Palanestina
Biographical Information
Nationality Palanestinan
Age 25
Current Status Alive
Alignment Good
Physical Description
Gender Male
Race Dragon
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Other Information
Title/s ???
Rank Prince


The son of Marcus McCloud and Calisto Daven, and younger brother to Marcia McCloud and adopted brother of Jessamine Pain DaShird. Losing his mother only days after his birth, Markus knew only his sister and aunts as they took care of him and taught him the ways of Enchantica . Marcia, not wanting her brother to be anything less then anything he desired, pushed him into studies, placing him in different colleges around the lands to learn as much as possible with magics, health, maths and the new study of sciences. Between colleges, Markus returned home to spend time with Jessamine and hunted down his father, spending time with him unlike his usually grumpy sister.

Upon returning to Enchantica from Spain, Markus bumped into his one of Marcia's adopted sisters Thea. Remembering their childhood fun, sneaking off for cookies and seeing her struggling, he decided to stay in Enchatica a bit longer. Not to mention, Jessamine's and his blood sister Marcia's problems, caused him to want to protect his sisters instead of studying all the time. The call to arms against an army of undead soon went up, giving Markus an opportunity that he had hoped for. And with Marcia and Thea going as well, he followed their lead. Thea received a terrible blow to the head, along with Markus. Instead of caring for herself, Thea used her magic to heal Markus. Soon after, Thea and Markus were inseparable.

Markus soon after joined the guard as the invasion of the Undead put all on edge. He received a position on Vampirism and Paranormal Investigations. His sister began to teach him more about his dragon, yet once he found out which dragon he held within him, he became uncertain of if he could indeed control it. The shadow dragon was known for it's fierceness, viciousness and it's evil tendencies. Maybe one day he will find someone to teach him the right control over the massive beast. For now, he tries on his own and strives to find some peace within himself.


As the gates of EC closed, Markus decided it was time to move on and find himself. Thea had disappeared and his relationship with Ralisan had spiraled out of control. Marcia decided it was time for him to focus on himself and go back to Kyoto where he had trained to Cinhil and Talos, the Golden dragons. There, pherpas he could find focus and a way to calm himself and his demons. Markus trained hard and rose in the ranks in Talos' army, soon becoming Talos personal student and a General in his own respects. But War soon came to Palanestina and Markus returned to his sister Marcia's side, shocked to find out his mother had been brought back to life by merging with another dragon. However the darkness of the land and the powers of the demon goddess Trina were too much for him and he was pulled into darkness, allowing his dragon to surface and nearly destroying the Kingdom. Marcia managed to bring him under control and he was taken to Delagura Pestima, where the brilliant alchemist Ion Vanguard was able to create a pendant that helped to restrain the dragon. After Trina's defeat, Markus remained in Delagura Pestima. The land there calmed him a lot more then Palanestina did, and his more evil tendancies were forced back, thou he frequently goes back and forth to see his mother and sister to help with Palanestina whenever he can.


Japanese formal armor. Black steel, and white clothing of a very light material known from the Kyoto region. Carries to celestial blades with ivory halts, one on each hip. Black boots and heavy black gauntlets. Stands about 6'2.

Black Dragon SoulEdit

Shadow Dragons are a form of Black Dragons. Blacks are independent and prefer solitude and the study of their magic to putting up with company. Their habitat of choice is any of the swamps and bog lands of Krynn. The Blacks have a power over darkness itself, and use it to their advantage in combat. Their breathweapon is acid. Between those two options as well as their vast array of spells and then their physical assets. When Markus is in Human form his uses his fathers Blueflame's magic to add to his strengths.

Family TreeEdit

Calisto McCloud
Markus Jr McCloud
Marcia McCloud
Celina McCloud